About MASC

Aditya minimal access surgical clinic (MASC) has been established and founded by Dr Pralhad Savaikar. With a aim to promulgate minimal access surgical techniques to all the people who need a surgery. Most of the abdominal surgeries which were earlier done through open technique can now be done laparoscopically.

Laparoscopy is a speciality in which a camera is introduced into the abdomen or a body cavity by making a tiny hole and surgery is performed by looking at the screen without making a big cut into the body.

Laparoscopic surgery holds an edge over the routine conventional surgery and has replaced it in many areas.

Advantages of laparoscopic surgery for the patient are:
  • It can be done through very tiny incisions ( Key Hole)
  • No scars on the body
  • Less blood loss
  • Less chances of post operative adhesions of intra abdominal organs to the abdominal wall
  • Less chances of infections and incisional hernia
  • Cost effective
Advantages of laparoscopic surgery for the surgeon are:
  • The camera can be rotated all over the abdomen through a tiny hole so has better diagnostic capability
  • Gives a better magnification of tissues so more precise and better safety margin
  • Ergonomically more comfortable as he does not have to bend and operate