Frequently Asked Questions

  • which are the surgeries which can be done laparoscopically?
    Almost all the abdominal surgeries which were done earlier by open technique are done today by key hole technique.
  • Is laparoscopic surgery a minor surgery?
    Even though it is done through key hole incisions it is not a minor surgery, during surgery carbon dioxide gas is infused intra abdominally. this gas can cause changes in breathing pattern, blood pressure and other vitals.
  • Is it safe for the patient?
    In a operation theatre setup which has all high end multipara monitors to maintain a vigil on patients parameters throughout the procedure it is a very safe technique
  • Are there any risks in laparoscopy compared to the open technique?
    With advent of proper training and experience of surgeon, experienced anaesthetist, Good OT setup with High end laparoscopy and monitoring gadgets there is no difference in risk of open and laparoscopic surgery
  • Is laparoscopic surgery a very expensive surgery?
    Not At all. At MASC we believe in concept of MAS (minimal Access surgery) to masses(everybody) and surgeries are carried out at a very reasonable cost and considering the faster recovery time it it is much more cost effective than the routine open surgery.
  • can laparoscopy be done at any nursing home/ Hospital?
    Laparoscopy is a highly equipment and gadget dependent surgery It can be safely done only if the operation theater is equipped with most modern.
    a) Anaesthesia machine with ventilator facility which can maintain correct respiration of the patient throughout the procedure
    b) Multipara monitors with EtCo2 facility to check the vitals and blood carbon dioxide levels. c)High definition camera to give a good vision of internal tissues to the surgeon and reduce the errors
    d) ICU back up with ventilator and monitoring facility if the need be felt post operatively