Hemorrhoids or Piles are nothing but distended Anal veins
They are of 2 types

  • Internal – The ones above dentate line in the anus
  • External – the ones Which are Outside the dentate line

Internal hemorrhoids - First Degree which cause painless bleeding
Second Degree Protrude at the time of defecation but reduce spontaneously And patient complains of mass per rectum
Third Degree These have to be reduced manually or can be irreducible( 4th degree), Pt complains of discomfort itching, pain and watery discharge from piles.

Treatment – Sclerotherapy or banding for 1st degree hemorrhoids
For 2nd degree and 3 rd degree hemorrhoids Conventional excision or STAPLER HEMORRHOIDECTOMY

Stapler hemorrhoidectomy is shown to provide superior patient outcomes

  • As there are no external cut wounds
  • Lesser post operative pain and less analgesics
  • Faster recovery and early return to work