What Is a Hernia?
Our abdomen is like a box containing intestines and various other organs. Any weakness in the wall of the box causes protrusion of internal orgams through it. This is called a hernia.

Who can get a hernia?
Individual of any age can get a hernia, it can be present from Birth (Congenital) or acquired later during life.

Why does one get Hernia?
There may be few causes as below:

  • Increase in intra abdominal pressure for E.g. Cough , constipation, Urinary obstruction.
  • Weakness of abdominal muscles due to old age.
  • Incision for any surgery causing weakness of abdominal wall.

How does one know he has a Hernia?
A Bulge in lower abdomen or scrotum may be noticed, or person may feel a vague or a dragging pain in Inguinal or scrotal area. This should be examined by a surgeon.

In adults Hernia has to be repaired by a small surgery with mesh placement. It cannot be cured with medicines

In Children Mesh is not required and only a closure of the defect suffices.

  • Open Surgery
    A cut is made over the hernia, the contents of the hernia are pushed back into the abdomen and mesh is fixed over the defect.
  • Laparoscopic repair
    Tiny Holes are made instead of making a big cut through which surgery can be carried out
    Advantages of laparoscopic repair
    1. It has been accepted world wide as standard method of hernia repair
    2. Almost Painless as no long cut is made
    3. Cosmetically good
    4. Low chances of recurrence
    5. Hernia on the other side also can be operated through the same hole, But in open surgery we need to make another cut on other side