Pilonidal Sinus

What Is a Pilonidal Sinus?
Pilonidal sinus is a small Inflamed tract which goes deeper into the skin and leading to a cavity underneath the skin between the Buttocks.

How does it Present?
It often presents as a boil in between buttocks. The boil gets infected and keeps discharging yellowish fluid intermittently. Sometimes the cavity below the skin gets infected and forms Abscess which is extremely painful.

What is the cause of Pilonidal Sinus?
It is said to be due to accumulation of body hair in between the gluteal cleft which rub together, damage the skin and cause infection.

Who can Get Pilonidal sinus?
Anybody can get a Pilonidal sinus, However due to above reasons obese people, or the ones who have big buttocks and hairy people are more prone to formation of sinus.

How is it treated?
Excision of the infected tract is the only permanent form of treatment.

How long does it take to heal?

Healing time depends upon the type of closure done after excision.

If the wound has been left open after excision it takes 6-8 weeks of regular dressings for it to heal.

If the wound has been closed with a Flap from the surrounding skin then it takes around 2 weeks to complete healing.

What is a Flap Closure?

In This the Pilonidal sinus is excised completely and then a flap of skin along with underlying skin is rotated to close the defect primarily with stitches.

The stitches are then removed after 14 days.

Flap closure is Better in terms of
1. Faster healing in 2 weeks compared to 8 weeks in open method.
2. Lesser pain and very few dressings.
3. Lesser recurrence rates